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Easy to use, comprehensive yet affordable HR Software.

People Inc. is designed for use in organisations with as few as 25 employees through to large international companies employing in excess of 1000 people in multiple locations. Most of our clients have between 50 and 450 employees but we do have customers with over 2000 employees using People Inc.

The software comes with a great deal of functionality as standard and is completely scalable meaning it can be implemented onto a single computer or on a multi-server environment. Additional modules can be added to the core People Inc. HR module to increase functionality such as Employee Self Service, Web Recruitment and Time and Attendance.

The following are examples to demonstrate the possible costs based on number of Users and Employees and typical functionality for the size of companies shown:

Small sized Organisations (up to 30 employees)

For companies with up to 30 employees we will provide a single user licence for Free (limited to 30 employee records). This can be installed on a computer within your offices quickly and easily (typically a new user can be up-and-running within 30 minutes).

The system enables users to manage extensive employee information including the jobs they do and their remuneration details; it provides comprehensive absence management functionality; it has features to manage training records and appraisals; reporting and letter generation functionality is included as standard.

Typical Costs

One off Cost = £FREE

Annual Cost = £349.00

Small to Medium sized Organisations (30 to 150 employees)

A single-user copy of People Inc. is also suitable for small to medium sized organisations. All versions of People Inc. allow you to create as many user-accounts as you wish (and install the software on as many PCs as you wish) but the system will manage the number of users logged-in at any point in time (based on the licence). It is also possible to manage the access-rights for individual users so that some information is held as confidential or private.

The same functionality used by small organisation (detailed above) is also provided for small to medium-sized organisations. As the organisation grows, some of the standard screens (for example the recruitment management screens) become more useful. The People Inc. system enables users to modify screens and even add their own screens (in this way you can extend the functionality provided by the system). 

Typical Costs

One off Cost = £999.00

Annual Cost = £349.00

Medium to Large Organisations (250 to 500 employees)

For Medium to Large sized companies we recommend 4 concurrent user licence and the employee Self Service Module.

Once again, any number of user-accounts can be defined; the system simply manages the number of people who are logged in to the system at any point in time.

The Employee Self-Service module is an additional tool that is designed to enable line-managers and individual employees to access specific information within the system. Organisations can then automate the management of employee-related requests (for example holiday requests), distributes information and simplifies communication.

Typical Costs

One off Cost = £3,499.00

Annual Cost = £1,249.00

Larger Organisations

In addition to the standard functionality the system offers, larger organisations tend to have their own specific requirements. One of the strengths of the People Inc. system is the ease with which you can accommodate custom requirements. Using the design tools provided with the system, new screens can be added and existing screens can be modified. For example, a custom appraisal form can be added to the system and made available to managers and employees via the ESS.

Additionally, People Inc. is designed to work across multiple offices and can be made available in different languages. Large international organisations use the People Inc. system to manage their HR information and processes.

Typical Costs

The budget for these projects can be in excess of £10,000 (POA)


We also provide a a range of additional services to help you get up to speed, such as a data import service and a number of end user training courses. These are charged at a standard daily rate and are optional.

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