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Customising your Vizual Software using the Screen Designer Module

Did you know that Personnel Director (and some versions of Personnel Manager) have a Screen Designer module that allows users to customise the screens within their HR Software?

It may be you need a new screen to record the Employees Right to Work information such as Visa and Passport Expiries or edit the Employee Details Screen to show Employees DBS information all of this can be done and more using the Screen Designer Module.

Screen Designer Example – Retirement Date field

A good example of this is to¬†add a field which calculates someone’s retirement date based upon their date of birth + 65 years. This is something we have done for many Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director customer’s over the past few years.

This can be done in Personnel Manager by:

  • Creating a new date field called Retirement Date to the Employee Details screen using the Screen Designer Module
  • Adding the following formula in the Value tab for the new field to calculate the Retirement date (we will use 65 as the retirement age) –¬†DATEADD([DOB],0,0,65)

When you have saved the changes you can log back into Personnel Manager to see the changes (example shown below):

Retirement Date Example

Retirement Date Example


Now this field has been added to Personnel Manager you can run reports each month or year to see who is coming up to retirement to ensure you meet your contractual obligation with these staff members.

Whilst this example does involve some more advanced technical expertise there are many things users can do to customise Personnel Manager and Personnel Director to help you get more from the software.

*Whilst obviously we are now fully focused on People Inc, we still have plenty to offer to existing customers still using Personnel Manager and Personnel Director hence the occasional post with useful information, hints or tips.

If you would like more information or any assistance with your Personnel Manager or Personnel Director software or are interested in upgrading to People Inc. please contact us by clicking on the buttons below.

The screen designer makes Personnel Director and Personnel Manager very flexible – Edit or create new screens to tailor the system to your specific needs


  • Implementation Difficulty 75% 75%
  • Benefit 95% 95%
  • Set up Time/Costs 30% 30%
  • Ease of use 65% 65%

New Feature Rating

Our ratings show how easy it is to implement this new feature and how the benefits outweigh the time and costs for implementing it.

Note: Features with a Difficulty rating of over 50% will need to be set up by one of our developers.