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New People Inc. Reports

Staff Turnover Analysis Reports.

Analysing Staff Turnover can be a head ache for HR. People Inc. records many aspects of changes to staff movements such as tracking starters and leavers. These Staff Turnover Analysis reports enable users to check for any data entry issues to ensure employee data has been entered correctly as all reports depend on the ‘quality’ of the data entered to ensure the accuracy the information they display.

The following reports have been designed to analyse Turnover statistics and validate the information recorded to ensure the information is reported accurately.

Leavers earliest job

Shows a list of leavers within a period including their earliest job.

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Leavers detailing most recent job

Shows a list of leavers within a period including their most recent job.

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Staff Turnover

Provides a breakdown of staff turnover between two dates, including percentage, headcount, and totals.

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Monthly Turnover

Provides a list of starters and a list of leavers within a given period.

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Starters and Leavers by Year

Shows the number of starters and leavers each year.

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Job on Date

Shows employees and jobs on the date specified. Whilst the report prompts for two dates the same value should be entered in each field.

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Job Changes in Period

Provides a list of all job changes that occurred within a chosen period.

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A good example of this is the Staff Turnover report shown below that calculates percentages of staff turnover between 2 specified dates.

Staff Turnover Analysis Reports

Staff Turnover Analysis Reports

Instructions for importing Report Templates into People Inc. can be downloaded here.

All report templates can be customised by users (with appropriate training). Please contact us if you require assistance with this.


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