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User Training

People Inc. is designed to be easy to use and some users learn how to use the software without the need for any training. On the flip side, there is so much that People Inc. can do and some of this is not obvious. Attending a training course can give uses a much better understanding of the features and benefits of People Inc. ensuring they can get the most out of it.

We provide different levels of training to meet the users needs including:

Introductory Training Course

Typically for organisations who have just implemented People Inc.

New User Training Course

For organisations who have been using People Inc. a while but have a new member of staff who need to get up to speed

Follow On Training

Training for users who understand the basics of People Inc. and want to learn about more of the functionality People Inc. offers

Advanced User Training

A Course looking at some of the more technical aspects of People Inc. for users with lots of experience.

System Administrator Training

This course is aimed at technical users (possibly IT) as it looks at some of the back office functionality such as administration of Security Profiles and Customising People Inc. data screens.

Custom training Courses

We also provide courses on specific features and courses can be customised to meet your specific training needs.

Training Delivery

People Inc. Training Courses can be provided in 3 different ways:

Onsite Training

One of the preferred methods of training by our customers is our onsite training sessions. We come to your office and sit with you to show you how to get the most from People Inc. using one of our specially developed training courses for users at different levels. As part of this we usually allocate some time to look at specific queries relating to the organisation and how they use People Inc.

Online Training

For users who don’t have time for a full day’s training we can also provide short duration courses via an online session. Online courses typically last 2 hours and focus on specific topics within People Inc. We are currently offering the following online courses:

  • 11th October 2018, People Inc. overview
  • 18th October 2018, Organisation Charts
  • 25th October 2018, Introduction to Triggers (fully subscribed)
  • 8th November 2018, Salary Review process (fully subscribed)
  • 15th November 2018, Introduction to SQL
  • 22nd November 2018, Managing Training
  • 29th November 2018, Managing Recruitment

Delegate Based Training

Delegate based courses are designed for small groups of users from different companies to attend a 1 day training course at our office in Cheltenham. Not only to users get a valuable days training, they also meet other like minded individuals where you can share your ideas on how to use People Inc.


As part of the training we provide comprehensive training material to help users recall the topics covered during the course which can be taken away for future reference.


We find that whilst People Inc. provides an ‘out of the box’ solution to help manage your HR information, different organisations take a different approach to how they do this. With this in mind, People Inc. provides flexibility via built in functionality such as the Screen Designer or Report Writer tool allowing each organisation to customise the system to meet their specific needs.

We provide a consultancy service on a wide range of areas relating to People Inc. to help organisations get the most from the software. This includes the following services:

System Installation

Installing the core People Inc. HR software can be done quickly however installing additional modules and functionality can be more complex. Our trained consultants work closely with your IT to ensure the smooth installation and configuration of your software where assistance is required.

Data Import/Review

Tidy data is the key to any database. Our data import service is designed to ensure you start in the right way by ensuring the initial data is verified before ‘going’ live. Periodic data reviews can also prove to be extremely useful to ensure users are recording information consistently to ensure your reports are accurate and therefore useful.

Screen Design

The built in People Inc. screen designer module provides a facility to create new screens or amend existing ones to meet your organisations specific needs. Our experienced consultants are not only trained in how to use the Screen Designer module but also can advise on the best way to customise the system to help you get the most from it.

Report Writing

People Inc. comes with over 100 built in report templates for you to use. Additionally, the Report Browser tool provides users with access to a growing database of new report templates they can quickly access and download into their report library.

Where a report is not available we also provide a report writing service to create powerful custom reports to meet a specific requirement.

Security Profile Configuration

People Inc. is designed for use by different types of HR user such as Training Administrator, Payroll, Fleet Manager etc and has a built in security module where we can create custom security profiles to ensure these users only see the information they need in order to perform their role. Our consultants can provide assistance setting up and testing these profiles to give you peace of mind when giving access to People Inc. to different users.

Employee Self Service Configuration and Branding

To help employees and managers ‘buy’ into using the Employee Self Service module, it is important that this is configured to be easy to use and look and feel like an extension of the business. Our Employee Self Service specialist can apply your companies logo and branding to the Employee Self Service Module so it looks the part.

Post Implementation assistance and review

It is quite common for users to require some extra hand holding for the first week or so after the implementation of any new software. We provide regular contact with users during this period to make sure they are happy and confident using the software.

Then, once People Inc. is up and running we can provide periodic reviews your progress using People Inc. and how it is being used to make sure you are getting the most from it, especially if there have been changes to personnel within the HR team.