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Active Telephone List

The new Active Telephone List add-on is a simple yet effective tool that displays a list of employees and their availability for the current day based upon their absence records for users of the Employee Self Service and can be used as a ‘Peg-Board’ that would be useful to receptionist or others who answer the phone

It also enables staff to quickly view contact details for these employees removing the need for maintaining different departmental phone lists and even allows users to send an email directly from the list.

The example below shows a basic configuration that uses the default colour-scheme and layout from our demonstration Employee Self Service module. This can be customised to match your company branding and you can also choose what information to display in the Active Telephone List.

Active Phone Directorynew

You can see that the first 3 people do not have a photograph recorded in the demonstration database, and (by clicking on her entry) we have displayed more information for Claire Adams – clicking on her entry another time would hide this extra information and you would once again have a simple list.


There is some really useful functionality included with the add-on:

  • The list automatically shows the availability of individual employees (based on the holiday and absence information for the current day – as recorded in People Inc.) – this is done with the tick/cross, and is updated automatically overnight so that it is correct the next day
  • It is possible to override the availability information (to say that you are available if the system shows that you are not – and visa-versa) – by clicking on the tick/cross
  • You can filter the information (to list just those in a particular location or department for example) and you can search for an individual, by name
  • You can ‘drill-down’ to show more information about an individual (as we have with Claire in the image above)
  • The system adds a ‘place-holder’ photograph if none exists.
  • You can click to send an e-mail to an individual


The add-on is configurable and it is possible to:

  • Change the colours, fonts and general styling (to match other corporate systems)
  • Integrate the add-on with an existing Intranet
  • Choose the type of information that you display (in the basic list and in the ‘drill-down’ panel) – any information in the People Inc. database can be chosen from, including fields that you add to the system.

The example below shows the different version of the Active Telephone Directory that uses a background image and different In/Out icons. Fonts and colours can also be changed making it very flexible.

blueberries example ticks

How can you get access to this module?

The new Active Telephone List add-on module is available to all customers using People Inc. and the Employee Self Service module for a small fee. Contact us if you would like a demonstration of this new add-on or any additional information or download our FAQ here

The new Manager Action List functionality for the ESS is one of several new add-ons for People Inc. Self Service Module. More information about these can be found here.

If you would like to learn more on how to get more from People Inc. or how People Inc. can help your organisation, please contact agathonhr on 01242 663974 or via email enquiries@agathonhr.co.uk

Get rid of all those manually maintained departmental telephone/contact Lists. The new Active Telephone Directory for People Inc. Employee Self Service module not only centralises your contact lists but also shows who is available there and then!



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