People Inc. Employee Self Service

Save hours by replacing your paper based manual holiday booking system.

Empower your employees and managers by using the easy to use self service module for People Inc.


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People Inc. Employee Self Service

The People Inc. Employee Self Service module is a configurable web-based tool that enables line managers and employees to access a range of tools to automate many common day to day processes and therefore reduce the administrative burden within any organisation.

One example of this is providing a facility for employees to book holiday from their web browser. These bookings are routed to their manager for approval, and then booked automatically into the database. Managers can also access the records associated with their employees using this tool and should HR wish, managers can have responsibility for the maintenance of some of the employee-related details.

Employee Self Service
The benefits for even a small company for using the Employee Self Service for managing absence requests is quite significant.

For a company of 100 employees using the Employee Self Service to manage holiday bookings this means:

  • A saving of over £10k within the first 5 years
  • A cost of 63 pence per employee in year 1*
  • Costs reduce to only 10 pence per employee per year in subsequent years.
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint—saves on paper usage.
  • No extra burden on IT – no need to install extra client software as it is accessed via a web browser.

Additional standard functionality

The Self Service isn’t just about holiday bookings however. It also offers the following time saving functionality at no extra cost:

  • Managers can record sickness and other absence types for their employees.
  • Employees can update their personal contact details (Address and phone numbers, Emergency Contacts and Bank Details)
  • Managers can access any tasks that need completing for their employees (such as end of probation, Expiry of training courses etc).
  • All users can access the Active Telephone Directory to quickly find a phone number for a colleague or see if they are currently available (based on their Holiday records)
  • Managers can access a suite of online reports.

Employee Self Service Add-on Modules.

In addition to the above a number of add-on modules are available for Employee Self Service (for an additional fee). These are:


Online Appraisals

An add-on that enables users to publish appraisals via the Employee Self Service. These are then completed by employees and managers and email notifications are sent at each stage of the process.

Online Timesheets

An add-on that enables employees to submit timesheets. These are routed to their manager for approval and are then finalised by HR or finance before payment.

Online Expenses

An add-on that enables employees to submit expense claims. These are routed to their manager for approval and are then finalised by HR or finance before payment.