New People Inc. Reports

Free Gender Pay Analysis Reports

Using the built in People Inc. report writer tool we have created these useful reports to help analyse pay within your organisation. Download them for free.

Employee Analysis Reports

In addition to the wide range of existing reports within People Inc. the new Employee Analysis Reports look at all aspects of the Employee as well the analysis of employees absence allowances and working patterns. These reports can be used to check the validity of core employee data to ensure everything is up to date and correct.

Bank Holiday Reports

Bank Holidays are used in People Inc. in conjunction with absence rules so bank holidays can be included or not included in absence calculations. These Bank Holiday Reports help analyse the Bank Holidays to ensure they are up-to-date.

Absence Allowance Rules Analysis Reports

People Inc. has the ability for companies to create a wide range of absence rules to help calculate employee absence allowances such as Holiday Entitlements. The Absence Allowance Rules Analysis Reports provide detailed analysis of each of the different absence allowance rules that have been configured within People Inc.and how they are being used.

Absence History Maintenance Reports

Give your employees historical absence records the once over using these new Absence History Maintenance Reports which allow you to analyse individual absence details within People Inc.
View a break down of each employees absence information taken from the People Inc. Day records table or show absence periods that cross a month end to ensure the data has been entered and is therefore being calculated correctly.

Headcount Analysis Reports

These reports provide useful analysis tools for ensuring your data is up to date and correct. A good example of this is the Head Count Check report that analyses employee records to determine if all Active employees have a current Job and Salary and all Leavers have been processed correctly and their last Job and Salary have correct End Dates. The report displays a summary of any issues found before listing each one for investigation. Using this report each month helps maintain a healthy databases.

Staff Turnover Analysis Reports

Analysing Staff Turnover can be a head ache for HR. People Inc. records many aspects of changes to staff movements such as tracking starters and leavers. These Staff Turnover Analysis reports enable users to check for any data entry issues to ensure employee data has been entered correctly as all reports depend on the ‘quality’ of the data entered to ensure the accuracy the information they display.

Absence Allowance Analysis Reports

People Inc. calculates absence allowances for employees from a number of sources (such as FTE, length of service) based upon customers absence rules.
These Absence Allowance Analysis Reports are used to validate the absence allowance data within People Inc. to ensure everything has been entered and therefore calculating correctly

Company Statistics Reports

Monitoring key statistics about your organisations employees is a vital part of the HR role. These specifically designed reports show headcounts by core data sets within People Inc, for example Headcount by Department so you can quickly view the current situation.
These reports also contain graphs summarising the information in the report and they can be quickly exported into different formats such as PDF so they can be published on your company intranet.