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New Organisation Chart Module


From our experience of working closely with HR teams in many organisations, there seems to be 2 main tasks that seem to take up a large amount of manual effort to create and update. The first is maintaining a company phone list (see our article on the Active Telephone Directory) and the other is producing and updating Organisation Charts.

There are tools on the market that can produce organisation charts and many companies use common products such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Vision, but the issue is keeping them up-to-date with the constant changes with staff and organisational restructuring.

New Organisation Chart Plug In

With this in mind a new Organisation Chart plugin has been developed for People Inc. HR to make light work of this administratively burdensome task.

The new plugin enables People Inc. HR users to quickly generate an Organisation Chart using the reporting structure defined in People Inc. and comes in two different versions, a simple Organisation Chart tool which will be Free to all new and existing People Inc, customers and a Professional Organisation Chart tool that offers more advance features (a small fee will be charged for the Pro version).



What’s the difference between the Free and Pro Versions?

Free Version

Using the FREE Organisation Chart Tool, People Inc. HR users can create a simple organisational chart by selecting a specific Company, Department or Location (or a combination of these). They can then do the following:

  • Customise the look of the Organisation Chart by choosing different Background, Cell and Text Colours to match the corporate brand of your company.
  • Choose from Landscape and Portrait views to maximise the impact of the selected employees
  • Export the Organisation Chart to an image file for printing or emailing to colleagues.

The Basic version of the Organisation Chart Tool will be included as standard for all new People Inc. customers and will also be available to all existing customers for FREE

Professional Organisation Chart Tool version

The Pro version of the Organisation Chart tool will have a wide range of advanced functionality not only enhancing the look and feel of the organisation charts but provide organisational modelling functionality along with an option to update the employee records with the changes to the organisation structure to speed up yet another time-consuming HR task.

In addition to the functionally offered in the free version, the Pro version includes the following advanced functionality:

  • Choice of box styles (rectangular, rounded corners).
  • Choose font (standard font dialogue).
  • Choice of box content (list of fields: job, phone, grade, FTE, ESS group, mobile number, e-mail, etc.).
  • Show Employee Photos.
  • Drill-down (click to show more details on an employee).
  • Limit Number of levels (down from top).
  • Drag/edit Organisational Modelling (with option to save/load models).
  • Option to apply restructuring changes to database (by updating employee ‘Reports to’ field within People Inc.)
  • Zoom (scaling).
  • Link to ESS organisation-chart screen.

There will be a small fee for the Professional Version of the Organisation Chart Tool for those who wish to benefit from the advanced features it offers.

Organisation Chart Tool for People Inc.Organisation Chart Tool for People Inc.

When can I get this new Organisation Chart Tool?

The New Organisation Chart Tool will be available by end June 2017. We will be contacting existing customers shortly after release to arrange to implement the free version on their live system. Please contact agathonhr for more information or if you would like to purchase the Professional Version.

People Inc. Ongoing Development Programme

People Inc. has an extensive ongoing development programme (by the software developers, P&A Software Ltd) to continually look at ways to improve the functionality within People Inc.  As part of this programme, work is being done on the Wizards functionality within People Inc. not only looking at improving the existing Wizards but also identifying new Wizards to speed up some of the multi-step or repetitive processes within People Inc.

The People Inc. Organisation Chart Module saves users from manually having to create and maintain org charts



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  • Set up Time/Costs 10% 10%
  • Ease of use 75% 75%

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