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HR Software vs. Cloud Based HR

With so many offerings for HR Systems on the market today its very difficult to know which is the best for your company. In recent times there has been a trend towards Cloud Based or Software As A Service (SaaS) systems over traditional Software systems whether it be for CRM, Accounting, or even Microsoft Office. In order to provide the best possible solution for our customers we have joined forces with two HR system providers one being a Software based HR system (People Inc.) and the other a SaaS HR system, (PeopleFirstHR).

This short guide explains some of the main differences between these options.


People Inc. – HR Software


  • People Inc. is our software based HR system provided by our Partners P&A Software Solutions Ltd.
  • People Inc. HR is a comprehensive HR system that incorporates Core HR, Absence Management, Training and Development, Salary and Benefits and Fleet Management. Is also provides Online Recruitment and Employee Self Service via optional add on modules.
  • Additional modules are available to process time sheets, expense claims and complete appraisals. Employee Self-Service functionality also enables employees to keep their personal details up-to-date and submit holiday requests.
  • People Inc. reports and letters are generated from user-definable templates. A library of report (and letter) templates is provided with People Inc. All of the People Inc. screens can be re-configured; additional data-fields can be added to screens; even new screens can be added; flexibility is the key.
  • People Inc. is extremely flexible and comes with built-in Screen Designer and Report Builder modules so it can be customised to meet the needs of most companies.
  • People Inc. is a licenced software tool; companies purchase a licence and pay an annual fee to cover maintenance. The costs over a period of time are far lower than comparable SaaS (Cloud Based) systems (especially for medium or large organisations).
  • The People Inc. data resides on a server giving the user physical control of their data. People Inc. is a client-server system designed for use in medium to large organisations.


Upgrade to People Inc.

People Inc. v 3.6



PeopleFirstHR – Cloud Based HR


  • PeopleFirstHR is our Cloud Based HR system designed for use in small to medium-sized organisations.
  • PeopleFirstHR is a module system that offers comprehensive functionality including Core HR, Employee Self Service, Disciplinary and Grievance, Performance and Development and Recruitment and Selection.
  • PeopleFirstHR comes with a wide range of existing reports that can be customised. New reports can also be created within the built-in Reporting and Analytics module.
  • There is no set up fee for PeopleFirstHR, meaning that there are no upfront licencing costs. You just pay an annual fee while you continue to use the system.
  • PeopleFirstHR is easy to use and it takes just a few minutes to get up-and-running.
  • As it is cloud based, it is therefore accessible from any location, at any time, via any internet-enabled device.
  • There is no additional investment required in IT infrastructure or staff and no hidden costs associated with PeopleFirstHR.
  • PeopleFirstHR is provided by our partnership with YouManage. All data is stored at a secure datacentre in Reading using 128-bit SSL Encryption so users can rest assured that their data is stored securely. Additionally, data is automatically backed up and nightly copies are taken off site for additional protection.



If you would like more information about either People Inc. or PeopleFirstHR please download our guide or contact us using the buttons below.