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People Inc. FAQ

Exporting data from a People Inc. Report into Excel

Exporting data from a report into a different format such as Excel is very easy as these simple instructions explain:

1. Open the report you wish to export

Exporting Data from a People Inc Report

2. Click the Print Icon on the toolbar

export report2

This opens the Print Options screen (see below)

Print to file options

3. Tick the PRINT TO FILE option

4. Choose the Type of document you wish to export to (XLS Data File)

Print to file options - Choosing Excel

5. Choose where to save the document and press OK

6. Open Excel to edit the data

Data as it appears in Excel

Exported Data in Excel


  • An Excel Data file removes any formatting such as headers and footers so you can manipulate the data without having to rearrange columns etc.
  • You can also export reports to PDF’s, Word Documents by choosing a different option in step 4.

  • Implementation Difficulty 10% 10%
  • Benefit 85% 85%
  • Set up Time/Costs 10% 10%
  • Ease of use 80% 80%

New Feature Rating

Our ratings show how easy it is to implement this new feature and how the benefits outweigh the time and costs for implementing it.

Note: Features with a Difficulty rating of over 50% will need to be set up by one of our developers.

People Inc. Reports can be exported into a number of different formats such as Excel, PDF, XML etc.