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New People Inc. Reports

Employee Analysis Reports.

In addition to the wide range of existing reports within People Inc. the new Employee Analysis Reports look at all aspects of the Employee as well the analysis of employees absence allowances and working patterns. These reports can be used to check the validity of core employee data to ensure everything is up to date and correct.

The employee diagnostics report is a good example of how more complex reports can be generated as it allows users to drill down to specific areas of employee data by clicking on the expandable sections.

Employee Diagnostic Details

Provides details of an employee’s job, work pattern, company, allowances, allowance rules and allowance bands.

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Full Employee Details

Report showing records from all standard screens for an employee.

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Departmental Resources (working hours)

Working hours by department

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Current job and work pattern

Shows employees along with their current work pattern.

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All reports can be customised by any user with suitable training to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

Employee Analysis Reports

Employee Analysis Report Example


Instructions for importing Report Templates into People Inc. can be downloaded here.

All report templates can be customised by users (with appropriate training). Please contact us if you require assistance with this.


For more information about these NEW Employee Analysis Reports for People Inc. contact agathonhr on 01242 663974 or via email enquiries@agathonhr.co.uk