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Cobble Van De Wiele upgrade to People Inc. HR

Cobble Van De Wiele is a leading supplier of tufting machines and ancillary equipment providing a wide range of products and services to carpet manufacturers around the world.

Based in Blackburn Cobble Van De Wiele had been using Vizual Personnel Manager to record key information about their 65 employees for several years. In 2009 Vizual Personnel Manager was discontinued and since then the number of companies in the UK providing support and services for the Personnel Manager has reduced to just a few. Additionally, Personnel Manager was last developed in 2005 and therefore are no longer compatible with recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Office.

With this in mind, Cobble Van De Wiele wanted a cost-effective upgrade to a more up-to-date and fully supported HR System that offered not only more time saving functionality but also was easy to use.

People Inc. is a comprehensive yet cost effective HR system that comes with a wide range of time saving benefits and features to help companies save time and costs with managing their employees. Not only would People Inc. provide a completely up to date HR System for Cobble Van De Wiele, it also offers a great deal more functionality than their old system and is compatible on all latest versions of Microsoft platforms such as Windows, SQL Server and Office.

Additionally, one of Cobble Van De Wiele’s requirements was to have the option to incorporate additional functionality such as Time and Attendance as a second phase of the project. The People Inc. Time Module is an add-on module that fully integrates with an existing People Inc. HR system. This can be added at any point and provides comprehensive Time and Attendance functionality such as creating and assigning rosters to employees records and then comparing this with live clocking in/out data from one or more ‘Clocks’ (card swipe, key fob or biometric terminals).

Catherine Swindlehurst, HR Manager at Cobble Van De Wiele contacted agathonhr about upgrading their Vizual Personnel Manager software to People Inc. as agathonhr are one of the last remaining companies in the UK offering a competitive upgrade to a comparable system which included a full data migration service.

“We are delighted with the service provided by agathonhr”, says Catherine. “The whole process was very quick and all of our data was transferred into the new People Inc. system with minimal effort or disruption”.

Catherine went on to say, “Whilst offering far more functionality than we had before, People Inc. is still easy to use meaning we only needed 1 day’s training to get us up to speed keeping the costs to a minimum. We are already looking forward to the next phase of the project which is to introduce the Time and Attendance module for People Inc. to give us greater control of our manpower costs through People Inc. Time’s flexible workforce rostering and clocking in and out functionality.”

agathonhr’s 20 plus years of experience working on Vizual Personnel Manager means we can provide an unrivalled level of service and support for customers looking to upgrade their Vizual Personnel Software to People Inc.

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