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New People Inc. Reports

Bank Holiday Reports.

Bank Holidays are used in People Inc. in conjunction with absence rules so bank holidays can be included or not included in absence calculations. These Bank Holiday Reports help analyse the Bank Holidays to ensure they are up-to-date.

Bank Holiday Check

Used as part of the year end process to check that there are bank holidays entered for next year and checks for possible problems. Due to regional variations the report is unable to check that each company has the correct bank holidays so these should still be checked in the listing provided.

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Bank Holiday Import

When printed to a text file this report will provide the data for a data import that will copy the bank holidays from one company to another.

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Bank Holiday Reports

Bank Holiday Check Reports


Instructions for importing Report Templates into People Inc. can be downloaded here.

All report templates can be customised by users (with appropriate training). Please contact us if you require assistance with this.


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