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In addition to supporting our People Inc customers at the highest level possible, AgathonHR are also committed to providing existing Personnel Manager and Personnel Director customers with as much valued resource and support as we can whilst they choose to continue using their software. With this in mind we have developed a programme of online ‘webinars’ which aim to provide Personnel Manager and Personnel Director users with insights to parts of the software they may not be aware of. We intend to run the following sessions over the coming months which are completely FREE and are open to any PM/PD user even if they do not use AgathonHR to provide their support.


Details of our Current and Archived webinars can be found below:


Managing Absence Webinar

See how People Inc can help companies reduce the administrative burden of recording holidays and absence whilst providing key reports to help analyse and manage absence to help reduce costs.

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Active Telephone Directory Webinar

This People Inc., Active Telephone Directory webinar explains how People Inc Users can save time by having a centralised staff directory that not only displays useful contact information but also shows employees current availability.

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Web Recruitment Webinar

This People Inc. Web Recruitment webinar explains how People Inc Users can publish Vacancies and how the information applicants provide via the online application form feeds directly into the Applicants screen on People Inc. The built in Vacancy and Applicant area within People Inc. than then be used to manage the recruitment process for the applicants for each vacancy.

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Future Webinars


The pay review process

Producing a total benefits statement; extracting information for pay review; pay review letters; reporting on the cost of employee remuneration.

Monitoring important dates and events

A central list of key dates; visas and the right to work; end of probation; expired training; disciplinary follow up; dates associated with absence from work

Management Reporting

Generating monthly and quarterly reports; the distribution of reports; access to ad-hoc reports for management

Reconciling absence allowances

Approaching year-end; end of year absence maintenance; carrying over holiday entitlement.

Looking after employees’ training needs

Appraisals and training needs; career plans; ad-hoc and ongoing training; managing CPE/CPD.

Managing Employees Training within PM/PD

  • How to add a field to the Training History field called Training Status
    • Run a report showing Identified, Booked, Completed training etc.
    • Run a report of all employees with a similar Training Need to help manage costs etc
    • Run a report showing an Individual Training Profile report
    • Checking for Course Expiry Dates
  • Export reports and notes and send out with instructions etc.

Managing Employees Training within PI

  • Course List
    • Mandatory Training
    • Appraisals
    • Training History
    • Delegates etc

Auditing Data using reports Personnel Manager/Personnel Director

  • Focus on using reports to audit data rather than how to set up the reports
  • Once identified, use search tool to find and correct the gaps
    • Produce a batch of these to send out along with instructions to import

Monitoring important Dates and Events (People Inc)

  • Set up a report to find key end dates such as End probation
  • Show users how to do this, or to use filters or searches to find any due to expire this month



We would also welcome any suggestions you may have for any topics you would like to cover on one of these webinars.


For the webinar we use TEAMVIEWER and we will send instructions for this nearer the time. If you would be interested in attending this FREE no obligation session, then please contact us enquiries@agathonhr.co.uk.

Sessions are limited and are on a first come first served basis.