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New People Inc. Reports

Absence History Analysis Reports.

Give your employees historical absence records the once over using these new Absence History Maintenance Reports which allow you to analyse individual absence details within People Inc.

View a break down of each employees absence information taken from the People Inc. Day records table or show absence periods that cross a month end to ensure the data has been entered and is therefore being calculated correctly.

All report templates can be customised by users (with appropriate training). Alternatively we offer a report writing service whereby we create custom reports to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us if you require assistance with this.

Downloadable Absence History Analysis Reports:

Absence Diagnostic Details

Gives details of an individual’s day records and absence history and absence allowances

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Absences Over a Months End

Shows all absence bookings that cover the end of the month.

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Absence History Analysis Reports

Absence History Analysis Reports

Instructions for importing Report Templates into People Inc. can be downloaded here.



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